The Underappreciated Mulberry Tree

When someone asks me what my favorite most useful tree on the homestead is I’m quick to answer, The Mulberry Tree! This usually surprises the person asking the question as this tree is considered a burden to many homeowners. In this podcast episode I’ll talk about why I believe it is one of the best trees you can have on your homestead.

Recommended Item Of The Week: The Only Squirrel Cookbook You’ll Ever Need

“The Only Squirrel Cookbook You’ll Ever Need” is the largest collection of squirrel recipes ever assembled. You will find every kind of recipe here, from simple dishes a hungry hunter can cook on a campfire, to complex creations that will thrill the most experienced culinary wizard. “The Only Squirrel Cookbook You’ll Ever Need” collects recipes […]

Beginner’s Guide To Hunting Squirrel

A great way to keep the homestead freezer well stocked with meat is by hunting and if you’re going to go hunting there aren’t many animals to hunt that will bring you more success and more enjoyment than hunting squirrel.

Roasted Rabbit Recipe

If you raise meat rabbits like I do you might want to try this simple roasted rabbit recipe. This is my favorite way to prepare my rabbit, simple and delicious. Just a side note, it goes pretty well with some mashed potatoes and gravy on the side as well as some pan fried asparagus in […]

Fried Morel Mushrooms

This is what it’s all about folks! Every Spring I can’t wait to get into the woods and find a mess of morel mushrooms. There are many different ways to prepare them but my favorite way is to pan fry and eat, it doesn’t get any easier than that. Enjoy. Foraging is a great way […]

My Favorite Easy Bread Recipe

Making your own fresh baked bread is one of the many great rewards of living a homesteading lifestyle, and while there are a bunch of recipes out there for delicious bread, for those of us that are super busy and want something quick and easy then I think this recipe is the best.     […]

Dandelion Lemonade

Dandelion is known to be high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants and my favorite form of weed control is to just consume these tasty and healthy plants. Here is one of my favorite dandelion recipes for a nice spring time drink. Enjoy!