Setting Up A Rabbitry

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 91 – June 14, 2018 – Setting Up A Rabbitry.

Question For Today’s Podcast Episode:

Ty Asks – What are some best ways to set up a rabbitry? I have three does and a buck in separate outdoor hutches at this time. I have been receiving large amounts of request for rabbit meat. So in order to capitalize I want to expand my operation. I was thinking of building a small rabbit specific barn but i have no clue were to start. What should the dimensions be, what type of ventilation should i use, what kind of watering system works best, should I make it climate controlled, etc. And how to do all of this without breaking the bank?

Homesteaders Need To Know About Coccidiosis

In this podcast episode I discuss the dreaded coccidiosis which is a common problem among homesteaders raising livestock. I talk about what coccidiosis is and how to prevent and treat it. 

Homestead Updates and 2017 Goals

On today’s podcast episode I chat about recent updates on the homestead and our goals for 2017. I share these things to hopefully inspire you to set some goals for your homestead and perhaps give you a few ideas for your next steps.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Farm Innovators Heated Water Bottle

Cold weather is something you want to be ready for before it gets here and not struggling to get what you need when you’re in the middle of it. A few winters ago we were facing our first cold weather blast while raising rabbits and we weren’t ready. It was below freezing out and the […]

Protecting Your Garden From Wildlife

Today’s main topic on the podcast is about how to protect your garden from everything that wants to eat it before you. No matter if you live far in the country or in the heart of the city, your garden is a target for wildlife.

Keeping Livestock On An Urban Homestead

On today’s podcast I’m joined by Sherry Willis from Half-Pint Homestead to talk about keeping livestock on an urban homestead and the new eCourse she has put together to help urban farmers take the livestock leap.