Just Chewin’ The Fat While Driving: Homestead Updates and More

In this podcast episode I just wanted to chat with you about what has been going on around the homestead. I talk about why I took a short break and some of the things I’ve been doing in the garden and with the livestock. I also talk about a few changes I’m thinking of making around the homestead.

Preparing The Greenhouse For Winter

Having a greenhouse, even a small one can be very useful on the homestead, we use ours in all four seasons. In this video I talk about some things I do to transition the greenhouse over for growing a few things through the winter.

How To Have Fresh Lettuce All Year

It is great to grow your own food, harvest that food and then in some form or another preserve that food to make it available year round. What is even better though is having something fresh from the garden you can eat year round.

On this podcast episode I answer a listener question about how I grow lettuce for fresh salads year round in a four season climate.

A Harvest From The Quote Garden: Gardening Is About…

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the practical side of gardening; the healthy food that that it supplies, the security it can provide through the preservation of it. While these may be the most important things to you I believe this quote reminds us of so much more that the garden is about.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Electric Leaf Shredder

An Electric Leaf Shredder can make yard and garden clean up much easier and speed up the breakdown process of all the organic material for use on the homestead. By dropping leaves and plants through the shredder you can make an ideal soil amendment for your garden.

Why Do Tomatoes Split And What To Do About It

Early on in my gardening journey I noticed something strange happening to my tomatoes which caused me to do a lot of research. Since then it is a question I get all the time from beginner gardeners and that question is “why do my tomatoes split and what can I do to prevent it?”