Tooth Is Out, Seeds Are In and I Picked Up A New “Old” Book

  Tooth Is Out! It’s been a rough few days as I’ve been struggling with a broken and abscessed tooth and today it came out. It hurts even worse right now but at least it’s on the mend. Fighting this pain has definitely put me behind on the website, podcast and chores on the homestead […]

The Best Year Ever For Your Homestead

What can another year to the homesteader mean? Are you going to do the same things you’ve always done or are you going to make this next year the best year you’ve ever had for your homestead?

The Inspiring Side Of Urban Homesteading

Recently I have been checking out a few websites of folks making a difference in the world through urban homesteading. One of the things I find inspiring about these folks is the community involvement that seems to take place and the positive change their urban homesteading endeavors seem to have throughout that community. Here are […]

The Sprouted Pitchfork, Book Giveaway and Greenhouse Kits

  The Sprouted Pitchfork . Found another good podcast a couple days ago that just got started a few months back, it’s called “The Sprouted Pitchfork” and I like it. It is hosted by Dustin Ogden and he has a casual interview style with his guests and is a pretty entertaining guy. It’s one I […]

Pond Aquaponics and Thanksgiving Leftovers

Existing Pond Aquaponics I have been putting a lot of thought into installing aquaponics into my backyard design. I’ve considered every design out there and thought about placement and function, but one thing I had not considered until today was using my small existing backyard pond to build from rather than building a whole system. […]

New Podcasts and Best Work Pants

Two New Podcasts I found two new podcasts to listen to that I really like, one is especially good rising immediately to the top of my favorite podcasts. One is called the Permaculture Realized Podcast, if your interested in permaculture you will probably enjoy this one. They have some great guests and some great topics. […]