A Discussion With John Moody, Author Of The Frugal Homesteader

On today’s podcast episode I have a chat with John Moody. John discovered more than a decade ago that his diet was killing him, with duodenal ulcers, seasonal allergies, and other health problems. So, the family began to transition to local foods and local food distribution. Eventually, he relocated his family to 35 acres of land to put his learning into practice. He is the founder of the Whole Life Buying Club, and also speaks at many local, regional, and national events on food, farming, and nutrition. Author of the Frugal Homesteader Handbook, he has three books forthcoming to help growers and gardeners, including one on weed control and one on elderberry. 

Return of Investment In Homesteading

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 86 – May 28, 2018 – Return of Investment In Homesteading.

Question For Today’s Podcast Episode:

Kolbi Asks – I would love to hear more about if you feel that the financial investments you’ve made for homesteading projects have helped you save money later. For example, have you gardening expenditures begun to pay for themselves in terms of produce you’ve harvested? If not, do you think they will over the course of several years? Same for, say, quail – have you been able to start making up your infrastructure costs? How long do you think that takes? Can homesteading ever put one in the black or are you always in the red? We’re just starting out and I’m really interested to learn more about typically how long it takes to recoup infrastructure costs.

Frugal Homesteading

On today’s podcast episode I talk about living a frugal lifestyle on the homestead, what it means to be frugal and the benefits of frugality. I share several ideas for being more frugal in the kitchen, the garden, with raising livestock and general ideas for running a frugal household.

Frugal Homesteading, Ever Expanding Gardens and Future Podcasts

Frugal Homesteading As i’ve been getting the gardens ready and building some projects around the homestead this Spring I have had to pay special attention to the budget. Sometimes my desires to expand things around here exceed the limitations of my wallet. So what is a guy to do who wants to keep working to […]

Christmas Art, Christmas Crafts and Re-Reading Great Books

Christmas Art Tis the year my wife (Mary) became artistic. It was never her thing before but for some reason this year she found out she loves to paint pictures. Last night she painted a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and it came out really good. I’m guessing our house will be filled with all kinds […]