Recommended Item Of The Week: Home Canning With Confidence

The question that I get asked quite often by folks just getting started is “What Homesteading Skills Should I Work On As A New Homesteader?” Of all the things on the list of skills I give them I think learning to can is the one that people seem to want to learn the most but are also a little scared to dive into.

Don’t Throw Out That Turkey Carcass, Make Broth!

. This is the broth I made after our Thanksgiving dinner and it tastes great! I first really heard about the health benefits of homemade broth a few years ago after being diagnosed with colon cancer. It has been discovered that your health is in large part dependent on the health of your intestinal tract. […]

Is It Safe To Water Bath Can Vegetables?

Today is Day 18 of our 30 days of homesteading Q&A on the podcast where I have reached out to some of the best bloggers and podcasters in the homesteading space to answer your questions about homesteading. Each episode will feature one question and answer for 30 episodes.   . Today’s question is “Why is it not […]