Tooth Is Out, Seeds Are In and I Picked Up A New “Old” Book

  Tooth Is Out! It’s been a rough few days as I’ve been struggling with a broken and abscessed tooth and today it came out. It hurts even worse right now but at least it’s on the mend. Fighting this pain has definitely put me behind on the website, podcast and chores on the homestead […]

Christmas Art, Christmas Crafts and Re-Reading Great Books

Christmas Art Tis the year my wife (Mary) became artistic. It was never her thing before but for some reason this year she found out she loves to paint pictures. Last night she painted a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and it came out really good. I’m guessing our house will be filled with all kinds […]

The Sprouted Pitchfork, Book Giveaway and Greenhouse Kits

  The Sprouted Pitchfork . Found another good podcast a couple days ago that just got started a few months back, it’s called “The Sprouted Pitchfork” and I like it. It is hosted by Dustin Ogden and he has a casual interview style with his guests and is a pretty entertaining guy. It’s one I […]