Recommended Item Of The Week: Hori Hori Knife

If you were to ask me what my 3 most used gardening tools are, the Hori Hori Knife would be on the list and it would be on the list for most serious gardeners I think.


What is a Hori Hori Knife? 

Sometimes referred to as a “soil knife” or a “weeding knife”, it is a heavy serrated multi-purpose steel blade for gardening jobs such as digging or cutting. The blade is sharp on both sides and comes to a semi-sharp point at the end.

The word “Hori” means “to dig” in Japanese. The tool itself is commonly referred to as a leisure knife or a Mountain-vegetable knife in Japan.



What do you use a Hori Hori Knife for?

Digging holes for planting. It is especially helpful for gauging the depth at which you need to plant certain things such as bulbs. I also find the Hori Hori very helpful for transplanting when you’ve started your seeds in trays in the greenhouse or indoors,

Weeding. The point of the knife makes it a great tool for getting under weeds and removing them from the garden.

Harvesting. This is an ideal tool for harvesting many vegetable. Anything that needs cut at the stalk to remove a leaf or digging under a root vegetable to easily remove it, this is a great tool for the job.

Foraging. I find the Hori Hori helpful to take to the woods with me when harvesting things like ginseng root. This tool makes digging and cutting light work.

Pruning. The serrated blade makes cutting of small branches and stalks easy when it time to prune and clean things up a bit.



What To Look For In A Good Hori Hori Knife.

The truth is most of them do a great job, but here are a few thing I look for in a good  Hori Hori Knife.

The Right Size. I want a knife that is large enough to do all the jobs I want it to do so I’m looking for a knife with an overall length of at least 11 inches and a blade length of at least 6 inches.

A Good Blade. It needs to be a quality, heavy, stainless steel blade that will hold a good edge, be strong enough to do tough jobs and not rust. The blade also needs to have both a sharp edge and a serrated edge to do a wide range of jobs. The blade should also have engraved measurements in it to help with planting depths. The blade should also be concave in shape to make digging, planting, and prying much easier. Also the blade should have a good sharp point to it to help penetrate hard soil

A Solid Handle. I want the handle to be made of a good hardwood that is well attached. I don’t want a plastic or composite handle even if it means saving a few bucks on the knife.



Is There One I Recommend?


HORI HORI KNIFE By Oakridge Garden Tools – Japanese Style Stainless Steel Gardening Knife With Handguard – Serrated Edge And Whetstone, A Perfect Hand Weeding Tool

The Most Used Gardening Tool By Master Gardeners DAILY!



Features of This Knife

– Made of the highest quality stainless steel
– Versatile All Purpose Knife
– Full Tang handle to blade tip
– Beautiful Rosewood Handle
– Serrated Edge For Cutting On One side and sharp blade on the other
– Overall Knife is 12 inches
– Blade is 6 3/4 inches long and nearly 1/8th inch thick
– Heavy duty nylon sheath w/belt loop for storage and protection
-Strong Blade Excellent for Digging in Hard Soil


I use my Hori Hori knife every time I work in the garden, the only tool that even comes close to being used as much is my hand pruners. This isn’t the exact knife I own but it seems comparable with a great amazon rating and favorable reviews at a great price.


Get your Oakridge Gardens Hori Hori Knife from Amazon today!




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I am a husband to Mary and father to three daughters. My family and I are striving to become more self sufficient everyday as we grow our own food and pursue a more natural and organic lifestyle.
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I am a husband to Mary and father to three daughters. My family and I are striving to become more self sufficient everyday as we grow our own food and pursue a more natural and organic lifestyle.