Pastured Pork For Free Or For Profit

In this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Kelly and Troy McClung guest host again. The core of the discussion is how to raise hogs on your homestead for free or for profit. Kelly and Troy detail how they raise pastured pork on their homestead and how it is a valuable revenue stream to support their homesteading expansion endeavors.



They explain how you can turn a profit with raising 3 hogs and selling 2 of them to customers. Troy breaks down his feed costs for the last year and explains how his hogs finished for processing. All of this data is explained and profit margin is illustrated.

Other topics include:

  • updates on their homestead –
  • Ordering broilers for the spring
  • Not talking about homeschooling (which they do anyway)
  • Why it is so fun to raise pigs

You can find more information about their pastured pork profit summary on their youtube channel at Ep 14: Get Paid to Raise Pigs on Your Homestead or read about their homesteading endeavors at


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Troy McClung

Troy McClung