Note: A blueprint is nothing more than a plan and no results will be achieved until you take action. You are the one that will take the steps to make your homesteading dreams a reality. Are you ready to change your life? Then let’s get started!


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Lesson 1. What Is A Homestead?

The reason I believe you can homestead right now, right where you are is based on a understanding of what a homesteader is and it’s important to have a right definition.


Lesson 2. Determining What You Would Like To Accomplish With Your Homestead

The why is important, this will help you set goals, make plans and pursue dreams that will make a difference in your life.


Lesson 3. Developing A Homesteader’s Mindset 

If you’re going to succeed as a homesteader you have to have the mindset of a homesteader. Here is what you need to identify or develop in yourself.


Lesson 4. Evaluating Your Property 

To start setting up your homestead you’re going to need to first evaluate your situation. Whether you live in an apartment or on fifty acres you need to do this.


Lesson 5. Finding The Resources To Build Your Homestead 

What are you lacking to really get your homestead going; time, money, land, stuff? Maybe this lesson can help. In this lesson I will discuss how to find free and cheap resources to build your homestead.


Lessons Available in “Homestead Where You Are” Blueprint with a Membership.

Lesson 6: Getting Started With Trees
Lesson 7: Planting and Growing Berries
Lesson 8: Planning The Vegetable Garden
Lesson 9: Herb Gardens
Lesson 10: Get Started Composting
Lesson 11: Getting Started With Livestock
Lesson 12: Preserving The Harvest
Lesson 13: Cooking From Scratch
Lesson 14: Basic Herbal Remedies
Lesson 15: Homesteading Off The Homestead: Foraging, Hunting and Fishing
Lesson 16: Bringing It All Together For Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability