Creative Homesteading In Small Spaces With Children

Homesteading in small spaces has many challenges but things get even tougher when children’s play equipment is battling for space in the backyard of an urban or suburban homestead.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 105 – September 5, 2018 – Creative Homesteading In Small Spaces With Children.



On this podcast episode I answer a listener question by giving my thoughts on how to creatively homestead around and with children playground toys like trampolines, swing sets and playhouses.




Homestead Updates:

  • Lots of tomatoes despite my poor pruning practices this year.
  • Still harvesting lots of cucumbers, beans, peppers and quite a few other things.
  • A lot of pruning left to do.
  • Sunflower living wall update.
  • Update on the aquaponics tank.


Main Topic:

Creative Homesteading In Small Spaces With Children


Question For Today’s Podcast Episode:

Jordain asks: I’m working on turning my 1/5 acre lot just outside downtown (Boise) into an urban homestead. I’ve been gardening for the last three years with mixed results, this year has been my best thanks to proper planning. I’m getting chickens next spring for eggs and want to get rabbits for meat (thanks to your podcast, I wouldn’t have even thought about that as an option) and Nigerian dwarf goats for milk and light packing on hunting trips with my sons. My problem and question comes in because this summer my mother-in-law bought my kids a 12 foot trampoline which takes up a lot of space in our yard. I was wondering if you had any ideas of multiple uses I could find for this space hog? I thought about putting chicken wire around the base to use it as a large chicken/rabbit tractor, but I’m not sure how practical that would be. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear you talk about it on your podcast any maybe any other multiple use scenarios for other children’s play structures that potential urban homesteaders might have to deal with on their journeys. Thank you for your time and help, I love the podcast and everything you’re doing to promote healthy and self sufficient living. 


I Discuss: 

  • Ideas for using the space under a trampoline for homesteading purposes and what you shouldn’t use it for. 
  • Multi-purposing a swingset for homestead uses.
  • Some creative ways to use a kids playhouse.





Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living by by Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little, Edmund C. Snodgrass –

Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation: Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation by Tradd Cotter –


The Homestead Life:

A segment where each episode I share something that’s better in my life because of homesteading.

Quail Egg Weekend Family Breakfast. Almost every weekend the kids show up for breakfast so it has become a family “Thing”.



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Been listening to you for years now, Harold. Love hearing about you and your family and all the wonderful things you've been doing on your homestead. God bless.


This is one of my favorite podcasts! I look forward to getting each new episode and really appreciate the balance it has between inspiration and practical advice. The topics cover such a wide range of homesteading areas that there is something for everyone - no matter where you are in your homesteading journey.

My favorite podcast!

My Favorite Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts but when this one pops up in my player with a new episode I listen right away, I never miss an episode! Keep up the great work!

Wealth of knowledge

Harold has a wealth of knowledge and experiences

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Homesteader, Blogger and Podcaster at Small Town Homestead
I am a husband to Mary and father to three daughters. My family and I are striving to become more self sufficient everyday as we grow our own food and pursue a more natural and organic lifestyle.
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I am a husband to Mary and father to three daughters. My family and I are striving to become more self sufficient everyday as we grow our own food and pursue a more natural and organic lifestyle.


  1. Thank you so much for answering my question so quickly, and for pronouncing my name correctly! I did want to clarify that I wasn’t thinking about having animals underneath the trampoline permanently, just as an extra protected space for them to run around and play while the kids are at school or their Grandma’s house. Maybe I should have said run instead of tractor. I love the mushroom idea, my first grader loves mushrooms as much as my wife and I, my 7th grader won’t be as enthusiastic. I’ll keep an eye on this page for anyone else’s suggestions and watch the homestead front porch too. Again, thank you, and I’m probably going to try out green roofs for my shed, goat barn, and maybe even my chicken coop, that’s a great idea

    • You’re Welcome, Thanks for the great question. The trampoline would work great as a temporary run I think. I did also have someone email me a suggestion for you, I will just put it here rather than email to you.

      “From Sara Gore – Hi Harold

      I’m a long time listener in Australia, but not on Facebook, so I thought I’d email you to let you know what friends of ours did under their kids’ trampoline. They found that water gathered in that corner of the yard, as what had been grass no longer got sunshine, so they dug out the space under the tramp and made a fishpond. It’s dug out so the level of the water is way below that of the trampoline, allowing for plenty of jump space. Their tramp is actually a ground level one, where you have to dig a pit anyway, but they dug it a bit deeper and added goldfish. They flourished without any extra infrastructure, but I’m sure you could also add in pumps or whatever. The fish grew huge, and the kids enjoying lying on the trampoline and watching them through the gaps. Without a cover, most outside goldfish here end up being eaten by kookaburras, so it works both ways. This idea might be interesting to Jordain.

      Kind Regards”

  2. Have you looked at subterranean garden under a trampoline? I’ve researched this and it may be a great option for some people. It looks like a lot of work but… we are homesteaders. Lol

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