Creating and Utilizing “Edge” For Abundance

What is commonly referred to as the tenth Permaculture design principle is “Edge Effect” which is the use of edge and natural patterns for best effect. Use of this principle can increase productivity, efficiency  and diversity throughout your homestead, especially when used in small scale spaces.

Using Mulch In The Garden + Members Only Live Chat

There are a lot of people talking about using mulch in gardens these days. People like Ruth Stout and her book No-Work Garden Book: Secrets of the Famous Year-Round Mulch Method and the Back To Eden Gardening Film have brought a lot of recognition to this method of gardening. Here Is what you need to know about using mulch in the garden.

Battling The Blight: Prevention and Treatment + Members Only Live Chat

Something most homesteaders will have to face sometime and maybe even have to be in constant battle with is blight. It wreaks havoc on our tomato and potato plants and causes us huge losses in harvest. In this live chat I will discuss a few preventive methods as well as some treatments.