Recommended Item Of The Week: Home Canning With Confidence

The question that I get asked quite often by folks just getting started is “What Homesteading Skills Should I Work On As A New Homesteader?” Of all the things on the list of skills I give them I think learning to can is the one that people seem to want to learn the most but are also a little scared to dive into.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Heated Seed Mat

For the first couple years of growing a garden I didn’t use heated seed mats, I started all of my seeds indoors on the kitchen table (despite my wife’s displeasure with this) in front of a south facing window. It seemed like it would take forever for the seeds to germinate and grow to the point of hardening off and preparing for being transplanted into the garden. Then I purchased a couple seed mats and I couldn’t believe the difference it made.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Electric Leaf Shredder

An Electric Leaf Shredder can make yard and garden clean up much easier and speed up the breakdown process of all the organic material for use on the homestead. By dropping leaves and plants through the shredder you can make an ideal soil amendment for your garden.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Wooden Half Bushel Baskets

Baskets like these 2-pack Cornucopia Brands Wooden Half Bushel Baskets have been used for many years on homesteads everywhere for both practical garden and farm chores to decorative purposes at the farmers market or farm stand.

Recommended Item Of The Week: Biodegradable Disposable Tea Filter Bags

One of real joys of gardening is growing plants that can be used to make herbal teas. I find that these bags make it super easy to have a quick cup of tea whenever I want one without a lot of hassle. This 300 Piece Empty Drawstring Tea Bag Package can be a useful addition to your homestead.