Using A Small Greenhouse All Year Long

A few years ago we purchased a small 6×8 greenhouse for our urban homestead to increase our food production. We didn’t want the space it was taking up to be wasted at certain times of the year so we figured out that the greenhouse needs to go through 3 transitions a year to make the most of it.

Creating and Utilizing “Edge” For Abundance

What is commonly referred to as the tenth Permaculture design principle is “Edge Effect” which is the use of edge and natural patterns for best effect. Use of this principle can increase productivity, efficiency  and diversity throughout your homestead, especially when used in small scale spaces.

How To Raise Black Soldier Fly Larvae For Chickens

Chickens love bugs. If you ever let your chickens free range, you have probably seen them pecking around for tasty snacks around your yard. You can easily ensure your chickens have a steady supply of bugs by raising black soldier fly larvae.