Gardening In A Hoophouse With Guest Pam Dawling

On this podcast episode I’m joined by Gardener and Author Pam Dawling as we talk about how year round gardening in a hoophouse can increase yields and the quality of vegetables and extend the growing season.

A Few Favorite Perennials With Guest Natalie Bogwalker

On this podcast episode I’m joined by Founder and Director of Wild Natalie Bogwalker and we discuss a few of her favorite perennials for the homestead and her school Wild Abundance and the classes they offer.

Creating and Utilizing “Edge” For Abundance

What is commonly referred to as the tenth Permaculture design principle is “Edge Effect” which is the use of edge and natural patterns for best effect. Use of this principle can increase productivity, efficiency  and diversity throughout your homestead, especially when used in small scale spaces.

Townhouse Homesteading With Guest Ashley Dempster

On this podcast episode I’m joined by homesteader and blogger Ashley Dempster of Townhouse Homestead as we discuss the many things she is doing to homestead even though she has very little space.

Homesteading and Heritage Cooking With Guest Jill Winger

On this podcast episode I’m joined by author, homesteader, blogger and creator of the Heritage Cooking Crash Course, Jill Winger as we chat about her journey into homesteading, some of the things she is doing on her homestead and heritage cooking.