Weekly Web Roundup 8-24-17

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The weekly post where I share with you homestead relevant items from all around the web that have caught my eye in the last week. Kick back and enjoy this smorgasbord of internet variety.


Urban Homesteading: What I Really Think

This is a fantastic article written by Amy Dingmann at her blog, afarmishkindoflife.com. In this article she defends the notion of urban homesteading as being a legitimate form of homesteading from the perspective of someone homesteading in a rural area. Amy points out the importance of urban homesteading while recognizing the challenges and creativeness it requires. Well worth the read as are all her articles.


Cucumbers Prepared Five Ways

I don’t know about you but I always struggle with knowing what to do with my abundance of cucumbers about half way through the growing season. Once I’ve made all the pickles I want and put them on my salad everyday for the last 3 months I start getting a little desperate for new ideas. That’s why I was glad to run across this post from countingmychickens.com. This article has some great ideas for using cucumbers in some new and creative ways.


Food Security & Insecurity in the US

This article was just posted yesterday at marysheirloomseeds.com and as soon as I read it I knew it was one that had to be shared. I am always encouraged by articles that don’t just tell us about the problems but also point us to the solutions and this article doesn’t disappoint. This one is a must read!


Resurrecting An 87 Year Old Extinct Tomato Variety

This is something I’ve been keeping up with for a while now. Back in February Luke from the Youtube channel MIgardener found and planted some 87 year old seeds and one of the packets were an extinct tomato variety known as the Giant Crimson. I don’t want to spoil the videos for you but I will tell you that the last update video he did a couple weeks ago was of him tasting a Giant Crimson Tomato. Here are links to the First Video in the series and the last one from a couple weeks ago, there are several update videos in between as well for you to check out. There are a lot of people questioning whether or not this is an extinct variety or whether or not the seeds were actually 87 years old but either way I have found the videos interesting.



This one may seem a little unrelated but this is for the folks like me who are sometimes on the computer late at night or early in the morning. f.lux is free software for windows that automatically adjusts the blue hue of your screen according to what time it is. I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now and I can tell you it seems to have decreased my eye strain and strangely enough helps me sleep better when I use the computer late at night. What kind of magic is this? I don’t know but it works!


Gregg Carter Outdoors Youtube Channel: Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

If you have ever wanted to learn how to forage for wild edibles and medicinal plants then check out this Youtube channel. Gregg does a great job introducing us to the plants growing all around us and their many uses. At this point he has covered 39 plants and adds new videos regularly. 



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