Website Changes and Making Broth


Website Layout Changes

I have decided to change things on my website a bit. I’m going to start using the blog category on my sight for what it is supposed to be “a daily blog” and I will put articles I write about specific topics under an “articles” category.

The reason I want to do this is because I sometimes just want to share a paragraph or two about what I’m doing on the homestead or thinking about and I don’t want to dress it up with pics or put a lot of work into it because of time constraints. Articles can sometimes take a couple days to put together with the research, pics and links and I want to share more than what that time allows.

I hope you enjoy the new layout and hope that it will allow you to be more involved in our day to day homestead adventures (also known as everyday average urban homestead life).



Making Broth and Chores

Ok, so other than rearranging a few things on the website what did we do as homesteaders today? We made broth from our Thanksgiving turkey carcass and wrote a post about it. – . Cleaned the water bottles in the rabbit pen also. One good thing about colony raising your rabbits instead of individual cages is that there are not as many water bottles to clean and fill, makes things a little easier, although I have found there are plenty of negatives to it as well. Maybe I will share about those pros and cons in a later article. Not gonna do much else today other than the basic chores, after all I’m off work for a couple days for the holiday. I think I may have to get in the woods later for a little hunting.  God Bless.


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