Tooth Is Out, Seeds Are In and I Picked Up A New “Old” Book


Tooth Is Out!

It’s been a rough few days as I’ve been struggling with a broken and abscessed tooth and today it came out. It hurts even worse right now but at least it’s on the mend. Fighting this pain has definitely put me behind on the website, podcast and chores on the homestead in general but at least I don’t feel like completely giving up on the whole world, kinda funny how a tooth ache can make you feel that way. I still have a few days left of my vacation so hopefully I can’t get a few things done that I wanted to do.



Seeds Are In!the-60-variety-heirloom-seed-package

A few weeks ago I ordered my seeds for my next years garden and I looked like a total garden nerd looking through the packages and reading all the info about each variety. Had some fun mapping out my garden and thinking about what was going to go where. I can’t wait to get to planting. I’ve been looking through every seed catalog that comes in the mail this time of year several times and dreaming big. If you don’t get seed catalogs in the mail this time of the year and would like to I wrote a post several months ago with links to several free catalogs you can get just by filling out the forms. Check it out –



I Picked Up A New “Old” Book51BZJP69AWL._SX366_BO1,204,203,200_

I’m always on the prowl for a useful used book for the homestead and I was early in town today when I went in for my dentist appointment so my wife and I went into a used book store. They had tons of gardening books and every book in the store was $2.00, that’s a great deal for just about any book but I didn’t have much time and there was one book that really popped out to me, it’s called America’s Garden Book and it’s a monster with tons of info, 1041 pages of info, for 2 bucks! It’s put out by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and was originally published in 1939 and revised and updated in 1996. This book is absolutely loaded and has a ton of really great pictures and diagrams in it. I am going to spend many hours between the covers of this book no doubt.



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