The Inspiring Side Of Urban Homesteading

Recently I have been checking out a few websites of folks making a difference in the world through urban homesteading. One of the things I find inspiring about these folks is the community involvement that seems to take place and the positive change their urban homesteading endeavors seem to have throughout that community. Here are some websites I’ve been checking out and think you should too if you want to be inspired and motivated in your own homesteading goals whether or not your on an “urban” homestead or not.


The Urban Farming Guys

These folks are awesome! They have modest goals, they just want to change the world. The amazing thing is they are doing it, at least they are changing the world around them. They have done work all over the world but their main work is done in downtown Kansas City in one of the worst neighborhoods in the area. You absolutely must watch some of their videos and check out their site at and who knows it might just inspire you to run out and change your part of the world too.



Verge Permaculture

This is one I recently came across that I also found inspiring. These folks set out to set up their small postage stamp property as a functioning permaculture homestead. I found their story interesting as they have put up three videos telling about the changes they have made, but what I found most inspiring was what they said surprised them the most and that was the community and friendships that developed around their project. Many times in the videos they reference how this was the most unexpected and most valuable thing that was built in this project. I encourage you to check out their website at



The Urban Homestead Project

This is one I’ve been watching for years. This project belongs to the Dervaes family in Pasadena California on a 1/5 of an acre. A few years ago when I first seen a video of what they where accomplishing in such a small space I was blown away and completely inspired to work toward that myself. To see what they are doing go to their website at, they are not only growing lots of food but experimenting with many aspects of sustainability such as water conservation, alternative energy and biodiesel. These really are some amazing accomplishments that will inspire and motivate you i’m sure.





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