The Incredible Edible Hostas On The Homestead

Hostas on the homestead? I thought homesteading was about growing food not just curb appeal. Well hostas may just be that perfect homestead plant for your homestead, especially if you live in an urban or suburban area. Here’s why.


Did you know hosta shoots are edible? That’s right you can eat them. When the shoots are just a couple inches or so tall and they are still tightly wrapped, just cut them off at the base. Be careful not to over harvest so you don’t thin out your plants too much or possible kill them though. I usually take about a third of mine just because they are so thick.

hosta shoot


Did you know they thrive in shady areas? They are the perfect plant for those spots on the homestead where you can’t grow anything else. How much sun a hosta needs depends on the type of hosta, the lighter color the variety is the more sun they need, the dark green and blue varieties need very little sun. These plants do however need very moist soil, so remember to provide them with lots of water, especially when first establishing your plants.


Did you know they are well accepted as an ornamental plant? One thing that makes them such a great homestead plant, especially if you live in an urban or suburban area is there acceptance as being a beautiful ornamental plant. We all know that one neighbor who worries more about what’s happening on your property than their own and hostas are a sneaky way to keep even the most “stuck-up” of neighbors happy.


Did you know they can be used as a “living mulch”? living mulch is a cover crop planted to serve the functions of a mulch, such as weed suppression and regulation of soil temperature. Hostas do this very well because of their broad leaves and thick growing pattern. They work well around trees, along fence rows, around your house or really anywhere someone might put mulch for weed suppression.



Did you know they are a perennial? That’s right, they come back every year to provide you with food, mulch and beauty, if you take care of them that is. Just like any other plant they need healthy nutrient dense soil that is moist. We put some compost around ours every spring to give them a healthy boost and give the soil what it needs to be sustainable for the plants.


Did You know that they can be divided and replanted to constantly expand your garden? One thing I really love about hostas is the fact that once you establish a few plants, as they thicken up and expand you can dig them up and divide them and replant them, creating an ever expanding garden of hostas. We have four different kinds on our property and have never bought any, friends gave us our first plants about 15 years ago when they divided theirs and we have been dividing and expanding ours ever since. We now have several thick and lush hosta garden areas all over our property. To do this you just dig up the entire plant, trying to damage the roots as little as possible. You then clean off as much dirt as you can. Then you just separate clumps of shoots by pulling them apart.

dividing hostas


These are just a few reasons I grow hostas on my homestead and think you should too. Anything you can do to make your property and your life more self-sufficient and sustainable is a step in the right direction, and now you know that adding hostas can be one of those steps. Happy Homesteading!


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