The Homestead Weekly Web Roundup 8-31-17

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The weekly post where I share with you homestead relevant items from all around the web that have caught my eye in the last week. Kick back and enjoy this smorgasbord of internet variety.




Back To Basics Living Summit 2017

Time to sign up for this Free Online Summit. Over 29 experts presenting on a variety of homesteading topics September 10-16.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to save seeds so that you can grow food for years to come
  • How to preserve food
  • How to build a food storage
  • How to introduce your children to gardening
  • What it really takes to live totally off grid
  • How to begin preserving food
  • How to make traditional mead
  • How to make a living by promoting a back to basics lifestyle
  • How to heal your skin naturally
  • How to grow food in an urban environment
  • How to use thermal cooking
  • How to make homemade bread
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle and integrate self defense into your exercise routine
  • How to keep backyard livestock
  • How to make cheese
  • How to harvest the power of the sun
  • How to lose weight naturally by getting back to the basics of healthy living
  • How to use and get the most out a rocket stove



How To Earn A Full Time Income While Living Off Grid

This is a great article from Ashley at Living off grid has many challenges and earning a full time income from your homestead is a big one. This article gives a ton of advice for any homesteader to use, not just the off grid folks.



11 Year Old Starts His Egg Empire

I can’t even tell you how much I love seeing young people building a business. Check out what Cam is doing as he breaks down his operation expenses in this video from Red Toolhouse.



Have You Ever Wanted To Teach Others What You Know?

I’ve started using what may be the easiest and best e-course creation program I have ever used, Some features I really like for one is the option to make free courses for your audience at no cost to you. Making paid courses is great on this platform as well as they make it simple with different membership plans that fit whatever you are looking for. If you’ve ever thought about sharing your knowledge or expertise with the world than check it out.



FREE Intro to Permaculture Book

Oregon State University is giving away a free downloadable pdf of an ‘Intro to Permaculture’.

Download your free copy of the book here:



The Guerrilla Grafting Movement – Secretly Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches Onto Ornamental City Trees…

I would love to see this catch on everywhere! There is a group of fruit lovers in San Francisco that practice something known as “guerrilla grafting” – they graft fruit bearing branches onto fruitless, ornamental trees across the Bay Area city.

Read the article here:



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