Seed Saving for Self Sufficiency

A big step toward self sufficiency is knowing how to collect and store seeds from your garden. On today’s podcast episode I discuss all the basics of seed saving and all the reasons you may want to start doing it.

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Slow, Non-Exciting Week on the Homestead! Just get up and do it again.


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This weeks Q & A from the Front Porch: What is one skill you would like to learn that you believe would make you more self sufficient?


Main Topic Of Discussion:

Seed Saving for Self Sufficiency

Why Save Your Seeds?

  • To save money
  • To insure you have the best garden you can have.
  • For preparedness
  • To become more self sufficient through knowledge
  • For future generations.
  • To participate in seed exchanges.


What To Know Before You Start Saving Seeds.

3 Easy Garden Favorites To Save Seeds From.

  • Beens – When to harvest seeds, separating chaff, testing for dryness.
  • Lettuce – How and when to collect the seed
  • Tomatoes – Collecting seed, fermentation process, testing for dryness.

Storing Seeds

  • Enemies of storing seeds are moisture, heat, light.
  • Store in cool, dry and dark place.
  • Freezer is great but seeds MUST be completely dried.
  • Envelopes, bags, jars.

Resources For Seed Saving

Today’s Recommendations:

Go hunting and fishing! For us the squirrel hunting season just got started so it’s a great time to put a few in the freezer. If you want to know more about squirrel hunting I did a whole episode on that a couple years ago called “What You Need To Know About Hunting Squirrel“. This is also a great time of the year to go fishing as the mornings are cooler and pleasant for us in the midwest anyway. So get out there and enjoy some nature!

Book: The Only Squirrel Cookbook You’ll Ever Need


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