Recommended Item Of The Week: Hori Hori Knife

HORI HORI KNIFE By Oakridge Garden Tools – Japanese Style Stainless Steel Gardening Knife With Handguard – Serrated Edge And Whetstone, A Perfect Hand Weeding Tool

The Most Used Gardening Tool By Master Gardeners DAILY!



Imagine a multipurpose knife that is full tang with 3 strong pins that can cut through soil like butter, quickly allows the metal detecting enthusiast to plug their area effortlessly or a gardener using the knife as a hand weeder and measuring the depth of the soil with the built in ruler of this Japanese style gardening knife. Your Oakridge Gardens hori hori knife can do all of this with its 6 ¾ inch serrated blade, that can be used as a mini saw as well.

I use my Hori Hori knife every time I work in the garden, the only tool that even comes close to being used as much is my hand pruners. This isn’t the exact knife I own but it seems comparable with a great amazon rating and favorable reviews.

Get your Oakridge Gardens Hori Hori Knife from Amazon today!


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