Product Review: Haus & Garten Titanium Pruning Shears

I received these Haus & Garten Titanium Pruning Shears for free for an honest review. After a couple days of trying them out I feel safe in saying these are great pruning shears. About six months ago I bought some pruning shears that were a few dollars cheaper and I thought they were good until I tried these shears from Haus & Garten and now I’m extremely disappointed in them.

Pruning Shears

The Haus & Garten Pruning Shears are very high quality, just the feel of them in your hand can tell you this. The safety latch has a precision design compared to others I’ve used making it easier and quicker to lock them shut and open them up. The grips aren’t soft and I think they could get slick but I believe the material would last a long time and not wear easily. Overall I think this is a great pair of pruning shears and although I can’t yet speak to the longevity of them I think they will be a useful tool around my place for a long time.


Features of these Pruning Shears:

  • Drop Forged Aluminum Body & Handles.
  • Cutting Size Diameter 1/2 – 3/4 Inch up to 1 Inch.
  • High-Tempered Carbon Steel Titanium Blade Coated for a Durable Sharper Cutting Edge.
  • Anti-Slip Cushioned Handle Grips & Shock Absorbing Pads to Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries & Wrist Strain.
  • Micrometric Adjustment System Guarantees Optimal Orientation of the Cutting
  • Edge for the Lifetime of the Tool.
  • Deep Sap Groove Prevents Sticking & Keeps Blade Clean After Each Cut.
    Integrated Wire Cutting Notch.


Although these shears may cost just a little more than some other shears I honestly do believe they are worth the few extra dollars you will pay just because of the quality of these shears. Having these pruning shears on your homestead will make your gardening and orchard maintenance chores a lot more pleasant. I highly recommend them.


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