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I was reminded today of the importance of being prepared. My 2003 Trailblazer broke down on the way to work this morning, it was 1:30 a.m. and 28 degrees outside. I had to push it about 2 blocks into a parking lot to get it off the road and walk about a quarter mile to work.

So what reminded me of preparedness? After pushing my S.U.V. a couple blocks I was reminded of the importance of being prepared physically for emergencies. I’m in pretty good shape but i’ll tell you what, it took a lot out of me. Which made me think about how other situations could task your body if a person wasn’t in shape. So I have decided to make exercise a priority in order to stay physically prepared.

I was also reminded of the importance of being financially prepared for unexpected situations. I haven’t checked out my vehicle completely yet but i’m pretty sure it’s major and going to involve an engine overhaul or replacement. I also had to have it towed home after work, all of which adds up to dollars, many many dollars.

Thirdly, I was reminded of being prepared for exposure to the elements. I didn’t have to be out in the 28 degree weather long but I possibly could have been had the vehicle broke down somewhere else. I do carry an emergency bag with me everywhere I go filled with everything I would need to help me get somewhere safely and comfortably in an emergency. This however was a reminder of the importance of making sure to always be prepared for the unexpected.


Homesteaders Everywhere

Today I came in contact with an old friend from nearly 20 years ago and guess what he is a homesteader. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but I remember what he used to be like and I doubt homesteading was ever on his radar back then.

This encounter was encouraging because it shows how people are waking up! They are waking up to the food crises, waking up to the potential economic crisis, waking up to how self sufficiency skills of old are being forgotten, waking up to the dependence society has upon government, they are waking up and doing something about it. They are homesteading!



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