Pond Aquaponics and Thanksgiving Leftovers

Existing Pond Aquaponics

I have been putting a lot of thought into installing aquaponics into my backyard design. I’ve considered every design out there and thought about placement and function, but one thing I had not considered until today was using my small existing backyard pond to build from rather than building a whole system.


I came across a video on YouTube than shows a grow bed being built beside a pond which is pumped into the rock of the bed and supplying all the nutrients for the growth of the plants.

This seems like a good and inexpensive way to build my aquaponics system and will even provide a better filtration system for my pond than I currently have. I just need to plan out my bed designs, pumps and piping. I’m getting real excited about diving into aquaponics and learning all I can about it and sharing everything I do and learn with y’all.



Day 5 of Thanksgiving Leftovers

What do you do on the fifth day of leftovers, we dare not waste this food. We chunked up the ham we had left and put in in the slow cooker with some Great Northern Beans. Whipped up some fresh cornbread to go along with it, and finally the leftovers are finished. They went out with a strong and delicious finish. After a couple days of turkey and mayo sandwiches, heated up green bean casserole and more pie than any one person should eat in a month, I for one am glad we finished it off.


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