Using Pallets To Make Raised Garden Beds

Growing a garden in raised beds has many benefits (read more about that here) but can sometimes be a little costly depending on what you build them out of. I’m all about being frugal and using what I have or what I can get cheap or free for my homestead projects, and pallets seem to […]

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Harvesting Vegetables At The Perfect Time

Knowing when to harvest your vegetables at the perfect time can be a challenge. Too soon and you won’t get the abundance your looking for, too late and you might not get the best taste. So how do you know? If you determine solely by recommended days to to harvest you may be disappointed, this […]

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Why Use Raised Beds Instead Of Planting In The Ground?

This is a question I received from a reader recently after I posted a picture of the raised beds I was building on Facebook. He wanted to know “why would you go through all the trouble of building raised beds instead of just planting your garden directly in the ground? What are the benefits of raised beds?” So I thought I would share my answer to him with everyone because maybe others are wondering the same thing.

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Gardening Tips For Early Season Transplants

If you have started your seeds under grow lights or in a greenhouse and hardened them off properly, it is time to really get the garden going. Before putting anything in the ground, think about which vegetables would benefit from a layer of black paper/plastic mulch. Raised beds will heat up quickly in the spring, but with a piece of mulch on top, you will get a significant boost to the root development of your transplants. Of course, later in the season you will get the added benefit of eliminating most of your weeding requirements.

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Managing Weeds On The Homestead

Every plant has a place in the economy of nature, some relation to its environment to which it is adapted better than any other. To perform their greatest service, however, plants must be in their proper place. When sufficiently out of place to be of no great value, they become weeds.

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Building A Homestead, One New Thing At A Time

On today’s podcast my guest is Heather Eby. Heather and her family have a ten acre homestead in Kansas and they are building their homestead by adding one new thing at a time. Heather is a wonderful story teller and blogger with a real passion for homesteading.

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Gardening Encouragement For Today From 1910

I was rather surprised when I came across a book from 1910 in public domain today. This book seems as though it could have been written yesterday when describing the benefits and need of gardening for all people no matter where they live or what their profession is. It would seem that many of the concerns we have with unhealthy eating, poor exercise and a need for a relief of stress was also a concern in 1910.

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The Basics of Starting Seeds

Now is the time to start many of your seeds and can be done right in your home. This is a lot more fun than simply buying plants and throwing them in the garden. Let’s start with the basics. Here is what you need:

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A Few Of My Homesteading Mess Ups

So I thought this post could be sort of a written blooper reel where I share a few things I did the wrong way, some aren’t a big deal and others are sort of embarrassing so i’ll just take a big gulp, swallow my pride and play the reel.

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