Our Annual Trip To The Farmer’s Pike Festival

Every year in our county there is a farm festival that draws people from near and far called the Farmer’s Pike Festival. We have attended for many years and we always have a good time. Usually I have to be convinced to go because i’m not a “large crowds kinda guy” but I always end up having a good time. This year all my kids came home to go out there with my wife and I and it made it that much more fun.



I’m always amazed at the level of craftsmanship some people have as they display things they have made or demonstrate their abilities right in front of everyone at their booths. Wood working, metal working, leather working, soap making, all kinds of things there to check out. Long lines and bunches of people may not be my thing but I’m still glad I went and had a good time with my family. 


Here is a short video of the experience.


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