New Podcasts and Best Work Pants

Two New Podcasts

I found two new podcasts to listen to that I really like, one is especially good rising immediately to the top of my favorite podcasts.

One is called the Permaculture Realized Podcast, if your interested in permaculture you will probably enjoy this one. They have some great guests and some great topics.

The second one, the one I think will end up being one of my favorites is called The Urban Farm Podcast. This podcast has a lot to offer and it is just getting started.

I spend a lot of time on the road and I listen to quite a few podcasts. Whenever I can fill my time driving with education about homesteading, farming, permaculture or anything like that, it’s what I want to do. Hopefully you will give them a listen and enjoy them as well.



Best Work Pants

I know this is going to sound like a commercial but I can honestly tell you I’m not getting a dime for saying this. Duluth Trading Company’s Fire Hose Work Pants are the best work pants I’ve ever owned. I used to be a Carhart fan and I still think they’re good but over a year ago I bought 2 pair of these pants and although they cost a little more than what I would normally pay for pants they have proved to me there worth. Usually my jeans wear out in about 6-9 months however these Fire Hose Jeans after a year have showed very little wear. My wife and I were just having this discussion last night, that’s why i’m mentioning it now. I didn’t realize how long I had them and had not really paid attention to how well they had held up until she pointed it out to me. I want to also mention how comfortable they are to wear, how much I love all the pockets they have and how good they feel in the cold weather. So kudos to you Duluth Trading Company, you have won me over!



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