Neighbors Raise Stink About Noises and Smells at Local Farm

FARMERSLAND, IN – County officials say neighbors of local farmer Ed MacDonald complained at wednesday’s meeting about the sounds and smells of his farm. It is reported that Old Man MacDonald has had his farm long before any neighbors moved into the area. However, neighbors claim they were unaware of what farms smelled and sounded like and think the farmer should have to do something about it.


Cliff Braggart, neighbor of MacDonald told the council “There’s a moo moo here and an oink oink there, is seems there is a cluck cluck everywhere,” other neighbors agreed but were unsure on what the answer was. Shirley Witless made the suggestion that “Old MacDonald should stop raising animals for meat and get meat from the grocery store like everyone else.”


The next day County Officials went to MacDonald’s farm to talk with him about the complaints. MacDonald seemed confused by the complaints. He told officials “Things sure are a changin’. I remember when people wanted to know where their food came from and how it was grown and raised. Why, I can remember when the children used to sing songs about my farm animals.” He said as he took off his hat and scratched his head.


At this time MacDonald nor the County Officials are sure of how to solve the problem. The complaining neighbors of Old MacDonald’s Farm plan to hold monthly meetings at the Town Steakhouse on $8.99 grass fed grilled ribeye night and discuss their options on how to get rid of local farmers.

-Satire On The Homestead-

Because Serious Times Call For A Little Levity





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