My Cucumber “Tree” and Other Garden Updates

My Cucumber “Tree”

What is a cucumber tree you ask? A cucumber tree is when you have cucumbers growing next to your mulberry tree and you fail to prune them back as you should and the vines weave through the branches of the tree and the next thing you know there are cucumbers hanging all over the branches of the tree. I know it’s probably not the best thing for the tree but it’s a mulberry tree and they are hard to hurt.


When I first noticed the cucumbers hanging from the branches I was upset at myself for not keeping them cut back but the more I look at it I think it’s kind of cool. I mean, it’s not everybody who can say they have a cucumber tree.



Letting The Last Of My Salad Mix Go To Seed

I will certainly be planting more lettuce for a fall crop but I had this batch of salad mix planted in a barrel and it was tasty and seemed fairly heat resistant. All the other lettuce bolted and withered a while back and this is just now bolting and still looks like it’s doing real good. So I kind of want to have more of this mix for later. I usually don’t save lettuce seeds but I feel like this is a batch worth saving.




Finally Getting Some Ripe Grapes

I Love Grapes! So i’ve been staring at them for a while now just waiting for some to be ready to eat, but it’s kinda like that old saying about how a watched pot never boils, or at least that what it seemed like. I know they are not late I’m just being a little impatient because I like them so much.



In Today's Daily Blog Post I talk about my cucumber "tree", I also share a bit about the lettuce I'm letting go to seed and I talk about the ripe grapes I've been waiting impatiently for.



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