My 10 Favorite Homesteading Podcasts

Today’s question comes from Glen via email. He writes “Enjoying your podcast (The Modern Homesteading Podcast), i’m just getting started homesteading and  listen to podcasts on my daily 2 hour commute for inspiration. Do you know of any other good homesteading podcasts that I might like listening to? Thanks and keep up the good work.”

First, thank you for listening and the encouraging words Glen. I’m glad you’re being inspired to pursue a homesteading lifestyle. I have actually had this question a few times before and as it turns out i’m not only a podcaster but a fan of podcasts myself. My daytime job is a local truck driver so I too have plenty of time to listen, so it just happens I do have some podcast recommendations for you.


Here is a list of 10 homesteading related podcasts worth checking out.


CoopCast-CoverArt-v2Chicken Thistle Farm CoopCast

Chicken Thistle Farm is run by married couple Andy and Kelli, they are located in Upstate NY and run a small vegetable CSA as well as providing pastured chickens, eggs and pork to local customers. The podcast is very educational and sometimes very funny. They are real and what I mean by that is, they don’t sugar coat the farm life. This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.


51hYbUj14sL._SY300_ The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast is a daily podcast about self sufficiency and self reliance in the modern world hosted by Jack Spirko. Jack shares tons about homesteading and gardening and there are over 1600 episodes to listen to. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says but I find most of his information extremely helpful and enjoyable to listen to.


cover255x255 The Self Sufficient Homestead

This Podcast is my long time favorite hosted by Johnny Max and The Queen from their homestead in Texas. This is the podcast that helped get me back on the homesteading track several years ago. They don’t do too many shows anymore but there are over 200 in their catalog for hours of enjoyment.


podcastlogo2-300x300 Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast

I’ve only been listening to this podcast for a few months but I really like it. This is hosted by another husband and wife duo, Stacy and Amy; and they share the adventure of building their Self-sufficient Permaculture Farm and Off-grid house. This is another couple that not only shares the highlights of their farm but the struggles and failures as well, they are very likable and fun to listen to.


cover170x170The Urban Farm & Garden Show

This use to be one of my favorite podcasts also but they seem to have gone away. I’m listing it anyway because they have 50 back episodes to listen to and I think there is much to gain by checking them out. This podcast is hosted by Craig and Larry and they also have many great guests on their show. I sure wish they would come back and start podcasting again, I miss this one.

*Update – They’re back! and they are back with an even bigger and better show, you can even watch their podcast on Facebook live at their Facebook page.


cover170x170 (1) The Beginning Farmer Show

This podcast comes to us from Ethan Book, who has a farm in Iowa. This one is a journey podcast as well, you get to listen to Ethan talk about his struggles, successes and thoughts about farming. Ethan hasn’t been farming his whole life but he has been doing it a while now so I don’t know how long he will be able to call himself a beginning farmer. I guess as long as he keeps on learning something new about farming, which will probably be his lifetime.


cover170x170 (2) Pioneering Today Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Melissa K. Norris and she does this podcast to inspire folks in the Christian faith and pioneer roots. Her goal is to help you implement the best of the pioneer lifestyle into your modern one. One of the things I like about this podcast is that she takes us into the homestead kitchen more than most of the others and talks about preserving food and preparing meals. Lots to learn from this podcast.


cover170x170 (3) Permaculture Voices

This podcast is hosted by Diego Footer and he and his guests talk about all aspects of permaculture, not just how it is used on your property but how permaculture principles can be used in all areas of life. I particularly like the urban farmer episodes he does with Curtis Stone where he talks about how he has set up a successful, profitable farm with a small amount of land in the city. Inspiring and very educational.


cover170x170 (4) The Courageous Life Podcast

This is another one I have only been listening to for a short time but I really like it. This podcast is hosted by Sean Mitzel coming from a 40 acre plot in the mountains of Northern Idaho. Sean talks about things like homesteading, permaculture, preparedness, natural farming, entrepreneurship, and other topics like that, and he does it from a Christian Worldview.

*Update- Same great show, different name. They are now The Prepared Homestead Podcast.


cover170x170 (5) Mountain Woman Radio

This podcast is hosted by Tammy Trayer of Trayer Wilderness and is a lot of fun to listen to. Tammy has a quite a few great guests on and when she interviews them it’s as though she is talking to old friends even if she has never talked with them before. Tammy, along with her husband and son live a completely off-grid lifestyle than will inspire and educate you as you hear her talk about it.



These are just a few of the podcasts I listen to and enjoy. Some might say I shouldn’t be listing other podcasts because you may not have time to listen to mine and therefore shoot myself in the foot (so to speak), but that’s OK ,I don’t see this as a competition but more like a partnership. I’m glad others are sharing and inspiring others with their homesteading podcasts. I truly believe this lifestyle will be a better way for you to live your life and make the world a better place. Whether you fully embrace an off-grid lifestyle or just have a raised bed garden in the backyard of your city lot, I hope you will be inspired to pursue the homesteading lifestyle today for a better tomorrow. Happy Homesteading!


*Update- I have mentioned some other podcasts in more recent daily blog posts that you also may enjoy.


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