Making Pickles and The Homestead Network


Making Pickles

Growing a garden is only half the fun, preserving the harvest is the other half, well I guess we need to make it 33% and 33% because we have to put eating in there too ;). Anyway, all that being said I canned some more pickles yesterday. This time I made Polish Dill, I love the little bit of spice these pickles have over Kosher Dill.



I like to add a grape leaf to the jar to help keep the pickles crisp. The tannin in the leaves are supposed to inhibit the enzymes in the cucumber that make it lose it’s crispness, although cutting the blossom end off the cucumber is supposed to accomplish the same thing I do both to ensure that crunch.



I could make a homemade mix but sometimes I cheat. This time I used Mrs. Wages Polish Dill Pickle Mix, I’ve used the Mrs. Wages products before and I like them.



This makes 21 jars of assorted pickles this year so far…we eat a lot of pickles. We are still getting a ton of cucumbers everyday.



The Homestead Network

If you’re like me then you just can’t get enough of homesteading information, books, podcasts, articles, YouTube, I just soak up all I can from everywhere. So I came across this great resource of live videos done on YouTube from some great homesteaders. It’s called the The Homestead Network, and it is a group of media creators who have come together to provide high quality information, education, and entertaining content for those interested in sustainability and self reliance. Check out the line up and show times at



 In today's daily blog post we're making pickles and I also tell you about a new resource for learning about homesteading, The Homestead Network.


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  1. Don’t forget fitting washers, lock washers & fender washers for your screws & bolts. Also mineral oil (many uses), misc. flat-round-chain saw sharpening-and wood rasps and files as well as wood, metal and stone chisels AND a few sharpening stones. Been this route before and this hardware and oil are prizes indeed.

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