Making Grape Jelly, Preparing For The Hunt and Another Podcast Worth Listening To

Making Grape Jelly

Time to can up a few jars of grape jelly. The first thing you need to do is run out and get enough grapes to make about 5 cups of grape juice. Ok I got a little over zealous and picked about 3 times more than I needed but that’s alright I’ll just have to snack on a few for the next couple days.


You then need to remove about 5 pounds of grapes from the stems and wash them. Then you wash them, stick them in a pot and smash them, put a little water in until the grapes are just covered and bring to boil, stirring occasionally. After they start to boil bring down to a simmer for a few minutes while stirring, this releases the juices from the skins.

Grapes Boiling

You then need to strain off the grapes, separating all the juice from the mashed up grapes. This can take a little while while the juice drips through the mashed up mess but don’t try to force it or some chunks of grape will push through and get in the juice.

Take the 5 cups of juice in a pot and place on medium to high heat and bring to rolling boil as you stir in the pectin and 6 cups of sugar. After it comes to a boil let it continue for about a minute. You can check the consistency of the jelly after it cools in the pot by scooping some up with a spoon and holding the spoon sideways, the jelly should hold to the spoon and slowly come off. If the jelly is too runny you can add a little more pectin and bring it back to boil for 1 minute.

When you get the jelly the way you like it just water bath can it the way you would anything else boiling it for 5 minutes and there you have it, homemade grape jelly right from your own homestead.

Grape Jelly


Preparing For The Hunt

  • Small Game Hunting License…check
  • .22 Rifle Sighted In…check
  • Game Vest…check
  • Squirrel Call…check
  • Overwhelming desire to get in the woods and shoot some squirrel…check, check, check!

Squirrel hunting season started a few days ago and I haven’t had a chance to get in the woods and fire on a few of the bushy tails yet, but tomorrow is the big day. I enjoy squirrel hunting so much, the time spent in the woods, the success that comes with most every hunt and the opportunity to put meat in the freezer. It is a hunt that gives me flashbacks to my childhood as I recall the first hunts my dad ever took me on. I’ll let you know how it goes.



Another Podcast Worth Listening To

I started listening to the Farmer To Farmer Podcast this week and liked it quite a bit. I knew about this podcast but hadn’t yet got around to listening to it but I’m glad I finally did and I think you might like it too.

Host Chris Blanchard  is a veteran farmer and educator and interviews other farmers about their practices and farming philosophies. I found the podcast to be educational and inspiring as you get to dive into the minds of the workers of the soil.




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