Keeping Urban Livestock eCourse

Beginner Homesteaders who may still be living in town have always been a focus of outreach for us. We truly want to help and inspire everyone to do all they can where they are to live a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. Part of that journey may be keep livestock in an urban environment.

That is why when Sherry Willis from Half-Pint Homestead told me about her new course I was excited to share it with everyone. This is a course that will help you decide if keeping urban livestock is right for you and give you the basic information you need to get started.

Sherry has graciously offered this eCourse to the readers of this site for a whopping 60% discount. That means you will pay just $20 for a course that could save you hundreds of dollars in mistakes and save you many hours in trial and error as you learn the things this course will teach you. Click on the banner below to get more information about this eCourse and begin your journey with keeping urban livestock.


Keeping Urban Livestock eCourse1

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