July 2016 Photos From The Homestead


The lily pads in our garden pond have been blooming and they’re beautiful.


July Apples

 This apple tree was only planted a few months ago but seems to be producing well already.



The squash and the kale weren’t nearly this close together when I planted them but it doesn’t seem to be hurting the growth at all.



I guess the beans weren’t satisfied with the space I gave them so they found a bench to sit on.


Bell Peppers

It won’t be long now and we will be enjoying our bell peppers.



Still no red tomatoes but I see that Big Boy hiding back there.



That zucchini is almost there, I don’t like them to get too big but just a little bigger than that.



This comfrey was planted from a crown about six weeks ago and is growing like crazy. I have big plans for all my comfrey plants.



Two things my garden must have is tomatoes and cucumbers and these are doing great, I’m already wondering how many jars of pickles I will be canning this year.


Green Wall

My mulberry tree, pole bean trellis, and cucumber trellis have created a wonderful wall of green.



First year growing stevia, it seems to be doing well and I’m anxious to sweeten up my life a bit with those leaves.



We’ve already eaten so many blueberries and there are only a few more still coming in. We have several bushes and still they hardly ever make it to the kitchen we just eat them right in the garden.



We have soooo many grapes. I see many jars of jelly and maybe a couple bottles of wine in our future.



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