Hunting Whitetail Deer To Fill The Homestead Freezer

Homesteading isn’t all about gardening and raising livestock, hunting to supply meat for the homestead is a long standing tradition and way of life for the homesteader as well. Hunting the Whitetail Deer is one the most common and most rewarding hunts a homesteader can partake in. On Today’s podcast I will discuss everything you need to know to hunt whitetail deer and fill the homestead freezer.


Is Deer Meat A Cheap Way To Fill The Freezer?

Supplying venison for the homestead can be in inexpensive protein source, but usually isn’t. Most hunters spend a lot of money on hunting equipment and toys. There is a way to hunt deer in a frugal manner though and it doesn’t take away from the fun of the hunt. Most homesteader’s already own a firearm capable of hunting deer with and everything else someone would purchase just makes the hunt more likely to be successful and fun.


Basic Deer Hunting Equipment




Preparing For The Hunt

  • Practice, Practice and More Practice
  • Find Places To Hunt
  • Scouting – Trails, Scrapes, Rubs, Food Sources, Water Sources, Bedding Areas
  • Setting Up Your Stand or Blind
  • License
  • Know Safety Laws




Hunting Day

  • Setting Up – Consider Wind Direction, Shooting lanes, Access
  • Patience
  • Pick Your Shot
  • Stay Calm and Pay Attention
  • Following Blood Trails
  • Fill Out Your Temporary Tag
  • Field Dressing Your Deer
  • Dragging A Deer Out of The Woods
  • Checking In A Deer


Hanging, Skinning and Butchering




0 Lord, I am a hunter
And life I seek to take
But let me not attempt the shot
Beyond my skill to make
For Lord they are your creatures
Given for our use
But each one falls within your sight
They’re not for our abuse
And when I loose my arrow
Please guide it swift and true
Or let it miss completely, Lord
That pain be not undue
A clean kill or no kill, Lord
Such is my heart’s desire
Give me the skill to make it so
Or let me hold my fire
And when my time upon this earth
The days they are fulfilled
Grant that I may die at least
As clean as those I killed

Timothy D. Cook



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  1. Let me start off that I love your blog. It’s informative and interesting on all levels. I am a city girl, born and raised, but retired to this lifestyle (on a very small scale) 3 years ago. Neither my husband nor I hunt. I do however, like venison. I just wanted to say thank you for this information, and the beautiful poem at the end. I imagine this part would be the most difficult of the necessities to living a complete, homesteading lifestyle.
    Thanks again.

    • Thanks Peggy. It has been my experience that to take the life of any animal is no small thing and creates in me a respect and an appreciation for what the animal has to offer. When one buys meat in the store it’s easy to take for granted the true value of that animal’s life.

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