How To Create A Beautiful Ranch Style Fence

A few years ago I decided to surround my property with a ranch style fence. I searched around for a simple design I liked and settled on this and have been really happy with the way it turned out.

I was able to buy used lumber from craigslist for about half the price of new which made this project affordable. The only lumber I purchased new was the posts.

The design is really simple and begun with 6″x6″ posts, 2″x6″ boards and 2″X4″ boards. I also overlayed each post with 1″x6″ boards to cover up where the center boards attached to the posts to create a cleaner look. The overall height of the fence is 5′ tall.

The gate makes a wonderful garden entrance that opens up to a gravel walkway, a variety of vegetable plants, blueberry bushes and apple,pear and cherry trees.

One of the reasons I wanted the fence was to create new edges to plant along which gives the yard a clean well defined look while also allowing for a nature feel as you walk along the inside of the fence.

When I first put the fence up a few falls ago before it had a proper coat of stain and sealer and before any walkways, plants or trees were put in, winter halted progress but still it gave a new look to our home.

Putting up a beautiful fence can completely change the look of your homestead offering a lot of possibility for planting and trellising and adding that something special to your garden.

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