Heating the Homestead Garage

I recently had to put some thought as to how i was going to heat my garage this winter so i could work on the many homestead projects I’ve got going on. In the past i used a kerosene salamander heater but i sold it this last summer because it wasn’t an ideal heat, to loud and expensive.


I read a lot about rocket mass heaters and thought about building one of these as an option but my garage isn’t insulated and building something for efficiency didn’t seem to make much sense. I did want to use wood though since i have quite a bit laying around.

Rocket Mass Heater


So i decided to look at traditional wood stoves but they are expensive even the used ones i was finding on craigslist. So I decided to get a Barrel Stove Kit from Rural King and grab an old free steel barrel and build a wood stove.

After I built the stove I had to install a flu pipe and guess what these are expensive too, so back to craigslist and sure enough there was a whole box (10 pieces) of 2′ pipe for $30, brand new.




Finally got it all put together and installed and it’s working great. Still need to paint it up. Soon to be enjoying the heat and finishing some projects!



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  1. Just put in an actual wood burning furnace tied into my main HVAC in my house. Not cheap having to run the chimney through two finished floors and an attic but definitely nice not relying on propane. Once I get more organized I was thinking of putting a system like the small wood stove in the garage too since I will have a lot of wood around for the house heat.

    I understand trying to work on homestead projects in the winter!

    • If you have the wood it’s the way to go Dan. It seems like winter is the only time I have time to work on those projects. Thanks for the comment.

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