Emergency Bag and Aquaponics Plans


Emergency Bag

Finishing up this four day holiday weekend and back to the ol’ grind tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know I drive a semi for a living and tomorrow I start a new route, I will still be home every night but I will be going further away from home rather than running locally like I have been the last few months.

Because I will be about four hours from home everyday I thought it would be a good idea to put together an emergency bag to keep with me, sort of like a bug out bug but focused mainly on supplies to help me in an emergency and get me home.

I used a couple sites with lists about putting together such a bug for a few ideas on what I might need.


Survival At Home: Dollar Store Preps – Packing Your Bug-Out Bag for Cheap!

I was looking to put a bag together on the cheap so I found these two places extremely helpful for some ideas.

Being winter time I think this is just a good idea in general to have such a bag with you in any vehicle no matter how far from home you are, really winter time should not be the only time for an emergency bag, it’s a good idea at all times. Winter time just tends to be a time when we think about being prepared a little more, probably because we hear so often about people being stranded out or utilities being down for long periods of time at home. Here is an article I wrote a while back about winter preparedness on the homestead. – http://smalltownhomestead.com/winter-preparations-on-the-homestead/



Aquaponics Plans

Talked today to a guy who is going to be helping me put in an aquaponics system in the spring. I’m really looking forward to getting that up and running, not just because of the vegetables but also for the fish production. I will be sharing a lot about that in the future i’m sure. It will just be one more area of sustainability we will be working towards which always gets me excited.




Just finished recording and editing another episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast. This one is about composting without the smell with guest David The Good from TheSurvivalGardener.com so make sure you check it out when it comes out tomorrow.



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