Day Hiking at Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Reserve


I haven’t had too many chances recently to get away and enjoy some quiet time in nature but this morning the weather was just too nice to not take advantage of. So I grabbed my pack (that has been ready to go for the last couple months) and headed for the woods.



The trails in most places are wide and clear and easy to hike but these aren’t the trails I like to take so I made a few turns and found a more scenic route.



This is a trail but it has grown up quite a bit, that’s ok with me, these are the trails that lead to the peace i’m seeking.



I’ve been eating so many raspberries and blackberries along the way I’m going to make myself sick if I keep this up.



I knew this trail would lead to nowhere which is the somewhere I want to be.



The best and most beautiful scenery always seems to be deep in the woods.



Man and nature collided a long time ago and nature won.



Looks safe to me! The trail continues on the other side so I have to go for it because turning around is an option I’m not considering.



These black butterflies are everywhere, I would take a few minutes and just stand here and watch them but when I stop for very long the bugs start swarming and biting me. I’ll just keep moving along.



Well unfortunately I’m back to civilization but it was a lot of fun. If you get a chance to get in the woods and soak up a little nature it will do you some good, the fresh air, the exercise, the sounds of nature and the peace of the woods.





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