Cucumbers at The Small Town Homestead

2014-06-25 18.41.49This is a picture of how our cucumbers looked just a short time ago and the video below shows them now. Just halfway through the growing season and the cucumbers are doing great! This is what you can do with a small raised bed and only four plants. Who says you can't grow your own food in town!

Now what do you do with them?

How are your cucumbers coming along and what are you doing with them? Let us know.



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  1. We are having so much fun with our cucumbers this year. They have been quite a challenge – from pollination issues to downy mildew. However, nothing can seem to stop them! They have shot past their trellis, and the trellis that I extended, and the extension beyond that! What a joy it is to watch things grow.

    • Glad to hear there others are having success with their gardens. This must truly be “the year of the cucumber.” ….. 🙂

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