Christmas Art, Christmas Crafts and Re-Reading Great Books

Christmas Art

Tis the year my wife (Mary) became artistic. It was never her thing before but for some reason this year she found out she loves to paint pictures. Last night she painted a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and it came out really good. I’m guessing our house will be filled with all kinds of new paintings over the next many years. This however made me wonder about how so often we don’t really know what new things we will discover about ourselves until we try them. I know many times throughout my life I have discovered new hobbies, skills and passions simply because I came in contact with them through someone or some need that forced it upon me. So keep on the lookout for that next thing in your life that just may be something that will bring you and others much joy.

Charlie Brown Xmas Tree



Christmas Crafts

This is also the year we decided to be more frugal and make crafts and gifts for everyone we normally buy for. Again this has mostly been Mary, she has been making Christmas wreaths, decorative Christmas bowls filled with treats, and many Christmas decorations (some gifts and some for us). I wish I knew how many glue sticks she has pushed through that hot glue gun. It’s been a lot of fun and it has saved us some money but all in all I think the biggest benefit to this is the thought that goes into each gift as you truly dwell on what the person your giving it to might enjoy. It really does take gift giving to another level and cause you to focus on what this is all about and just how much these people mean to you.



Re-Reading Great Books

I used to never re-read a book, my thought was always based on time, we are only given so much time in this life and there are only so many books you can read in a lifetime so I thought I should read as many great books as I can. However over the the years my thoughts about this have changed as my thoughts about most things have. I now consider great books a real blessing and I truly treasure reading them more than once. I just finished a book that I have read four times now, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

I LOVE this book, it just has so much to offer. Even though it is a work of fiction I have learned so much from it and have truly been inspired in so many ways. It has taught me the value of patience and perseverance in this life as I witness Crusoe plug away at the mundane chores of his existence in order to build a sustainable life. It has taught me the value of friendship as I see Crusoe struggle with loneliness and then make a friend who sticks by his side for life. It teaches me the value of a relationship with Christ and the value of evangelism as I get a glimpse of Robinson Crusoe’s christian struggles and eventually the conversion of his good friend Friday.

If you have never read this book I highly recommend it, it truly is a classic and a treasure. If you have read it and it’s been a few years then you may want to re-read it. The book has not changed but I can assure you that you have changed and you will get something different from it each time you read it.




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