Building Raised Beds with Trellises, Food Forests, and I Found Another Great Podcast

Building Raised Beds with Trellises

I have been hard at it around here the last couple days as we have been blessed with a weekend of beautiful weather. One of the things I am doing is building a couple heavy duty trellises with a small raised bed at the base of them. I will post an article about how to build them when I’m done because I think these are going to be a great addition to the homestead when it comes to growing any annual vegetables that vine up well such as cucumbers, pole beans and vining varieties of squash.



Food Forests

Recently I’ve had backyard food forests on the brain and while I certainly wouldn’t say I have or will be turning my backyard into a full blown food forest, I do believe we can implement some of the useful principles of building a food forest into what I have in my backyard. I have been making an effort to build microclimates around trees and ponds that are beneficial to all the trees and plants in that area as well as provide food. I wanted to turn you on to a podcast episode I listened to that I thought was very good and beneficial to understanding this concept as well as inspiring to try some new things. Check it out, it’s EPISODE 1764 of The Survival Podcast – SMALL SCALE FOOD FORESTRY.



I Found Another Great Podcast

As you know from other posts, I am an avid listener to podcasts and I am always on the prowl for another good one that will educate and inspire the homesteading lifestyle. Well I have found another such podcast and it looks like it’s been around for a little while and I don’t know how I haven’t came across it’s path before. It’s called Sustainable World Radio and is hosted by Jill Cloutier. It’s is really good and has quickly risen to the top of one of my favorite podcast. Jill does a fantastic job producing and hosting this podcast and has some great guests. So I recommend you go and check it out at


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