Blanching Green Beans, Suggested Podcast Episodes and Greenhouse Dreamin’



Blanching Green Beans

If you’re going to freeze your green beans you should blanch them first. This helps the beans to retain their texture and color when you cook them. I always can a couple jars of dilly beans but I prefer to freeze the majority of my bean harvest.

To blanch green beans you have to clean and snap off the ends and pull the string out of the seem of the bean by pulling down on the ends toward the seem. There won’t always be a string but the larger the beans are the more likely you will have one, especially with these Kentucky Pole Beans I grew.

Put your beans into a heating pot of water and bring to a boil for 3 minutes.



Immediately after the beans boil have a bowl of ice water waiting. Put the beans in the ice water so they will cool quickly and stop cooking. After a couple minutes remove the beans and drain them.


Spread the beans out on a baking sheet and place in the freezer for a couple hours. Then place in freezer bags or use a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer and place in freezer. Take em out and enjoy when desired.



Suggested Podcast Episodes

I heard some good podcast episodes this week and thought I would pass them on to you.

The first one came from The Sustainable Living Podcast. The episode I really enjoyed was titled “Learning to Find, Grow and Eat Edible Native Plants,” It was packed full of information and inspiration to get out and learn more about the edible native plants in my area.

The second one I had in mind was from a fairly new podcast called The Small Scaled Life. I listened to their latest episode “Season 1, Episode 12 – #Gardenchat with Bren Haas.” and thought it was great. I follow Bren on twitter and really enjoyed hearing her story.

The third one came from Jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast. The episode  was called “Getting Ready For Fall Gardening,” Jack gives us tons of great information in this one for anyone preparing for a fall garden.



Greenhouse Dreamin’

I’ve been daydreaming like crazy about all the different configurations of putting a greenhouse or hoophouse in my backyard. First I was thinking about a temporary hoophouse I could put up over my raised beds, I was looking at this one on Amazon.

I believe this would do the trick and give me an extended season. It’s pretty affordable but I really don’t like the look of hoophouses. The upside to this one is that it looks easy to put up and take down, so it would only be up from late fall to early spring and nothing looks all that great in the backyard at that time anyway.

The other idea I’ve been thinking about is putting a smaller permanent greenhouse in the yard. I’ve been looking at this one.

It’s more expensive and much smaller but it looks good and I think it would work great if I set it up right on the inside.

Building one from scratch would probably be the best and most beautiful option but I’m sooo busy the way it is that I’ve been looking for anything that could save me a little time. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts I thought I would share with you.





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