Bunny Berries for Bucks

Urban Homesteaders are constantly looking for ways to make money from their small town farming efforts, well if rabbits are part of your homestead then here is a way.

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Heating the Homestead Garage

I recently had to put some thought as to how i was going to heat my garage this winter so i could work on the many homestead projects I’ve got going on. In the past i used a kerosene salamander heater but i sold it this last summer because it wasn’t an ideal heat, to […]

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Cucumbers at The Small Town Homestead

This is a picture of how our cucumbers looked just a short time ago and the video below shows them now. Just halfway through the growing season and the cucumbers are doing great! This is what you can do with a small raised bed and only four plants. Who says you can’t grow your own […]

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Welcome to the Small Town Homestead

Hello We are just launching our website, social media sites and our podcast. I hope you will check back regularly over the next few weeks as things start to happen. What are we about – We hope to be a place of encouragement, education, community and fun. A place where folks can come and develop […]

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