Homesteading Saved My Life!

Someone recently asked me to write an article answering the question “Homesteading is important to me because…” This was easy for me to answer because I believe I’m still walking this earth today because of homesteading. Here’s my story.

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My Favorite Homesteading Books

Books have always played a big part in my life and while video’s, podcasts and blog posts are useful, the book will always be my favorite resource. Here is a small list of my favorite homesteading books.

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Healthy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Homestead

Not only is Spring a time to get started with our gardens it’s also the time we think about giving our home a deep cleaning after a season of being closed up. On today’s podcast episode I will discuss how to spring clean your homestead in a safe and non-toxic way that will make your homestead a healthier place.

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Recommended Item Of The Week: Range Kleen Battery Organizer

We have always just kept an assortment of batteries in a kitchen drawer but that was until I came across this sweet little organizer that holds 82 assorted batteries plus has a tester. One look and you know what you need to stock up on and you always know where to find your batteries when you need them.

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