A Documentary Worth Watching and Using Comfrey on Mosquito Bites

A Documentary Worth Watching

A few days ago I had heard about the documentary “The Organic Life” and I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did. I rented it for a couple bucks and it was money and time well spent. I found it to be an honest yet inspiring film about organic farming. This documentary shares the very real struggles of trying to survive as an organic farmer and at the same time makes you realize the struggle is worth it and inspires you to pursue your dreams. Great film! You can rent it or buy the DVD on Amazon.




Using Comfrey on Mosquito Bites

I finally had an opportunity to test out the medicinal use of comfrey the other day. My daughter had a few pretty bad mosquito bites on her legs that were itching and irritating her pretty badly. I broke off a large comfrey leaf, smashed it up real good with a pestle and mortar and applied the extract to the bites and it worked almost immedietly. She said it stopped itching and the redness went away pretty quickly as well. Now I can’t and won’t give medical advice but I can share our experience and it seemed to do the trick. Do your own homework when it comes to using any medicinal herbs and proceed at your own risk but as for me and my house I’m already convinced of the wonder working power of comfrey.





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