5 Ways To Build Raised Garden Beds and 1 Way Not To!


Winter time is a great time to start planning and preparing to build or expand your raised bed garden. There is a lot to do, like decide what kind of raised beds your going to build and if your like me start purchasing the materials a little at time so you don’t have to come out of pocket with lots of cash all at once, but that’s how I do things.

Here are 5 great ways to build raised beds and 1 way to avoid.


1. 2×6 Lumber or any other 2x board sizes for that matter. This is an affordable way to build raised beds but over time the boards will begin to rot and need to be replaced.



2. Landscape Stones, a beautiful but fairly expensive way to do it. long term though it may be more affordable than you think because it will last longer than you will.



3. Corrugated Iron. These beds may not look quite as nice as some designs but if you build them yourself from scratch they can be affordable and long lasting.



4. Concrete Block. These also may not look as nice as some of the others but if done right can be affordable and last a long time.



5.Landscape Timbers. These beds have the same pros and cons as the 2×6 lumber beds so they are an option worth considering.



And as I promised, 1 way not to build them. Using old railroad ties. This is a way I have seen often and if you care about the soil your planting your vegetables in you shouldn’t do this. These boards are soaked with creosote and on hot days it will seep out into your soil. Unless your raised beds are ornamental and only used for non edible plants and flowers you should avoid using them.





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