5 Reasons You Might Fail As A Homesteader

Getting started homesteading is easy, all you have to do is just start. But to keep homesteading, well that might be a little tougher. In this podcast episode I discuss 5 reasons you might fail as a homesteader and what you can do to prevent it from happening.


Homestead Updates:

  • Fighting off colds
  • A new place to hunt
  • We got our first hard frost of the year
  • Cleaning up the gardens for winter
  • Greenhouse cleaned up and ready for winter
  • Winterizing the homestead
  • Made an appearance on another podcast – Live Free and Grow – hosted by Jason Carrier: https://remsorepublic.com/podcast/live-free-grow/



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Main Topic Of Discussion:

5 reasons you might fail as a homesteader

1. Laziness

  • It might be more work than you thought it would be.
  • Perhaps podcasts and Youtube make it sound and look easier than it is.

I think you get the point…


2. Burn out

  • One of the biggest problems I see in homesteaders failing is they burn out due to taking on too much too soon.


3. Debt

  • In the modern world it’s extremely easy to take on too much debt. This could come in the form of a mortgage that’s too large for you to handle or a desire keep up with the joneses by purchasing new vehicles that you can’t afford or maybe just the desire to have it all now through credit cards.
  • Dave Ramsey – https://www.daveramsey.com/ 


4. Lack of preparedness

  • When the unexpected happens it can cause you to fail in all your hopes and dreams if you’re not prepared.
  • Financial preparedness
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Mental preparedness


5. Too high of expectations

  • When homesteading isn’t everything you thought it would be quick enough it can cause you to give up.
  • Be patient 
  • Be aware of societies and your own desires for instant gratification



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